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Here is a partial listing of products we offer. We can get practically any type of natural stone, or stone-like fascia, you may want. It is recommended that you try to select from the various types of stone we quarry ourselves, due to the added cost of purchasing and shipping of stone quarried by someone else.  Please call or come by for more information and to see our full line.

Chop Stone      Flagstone      Building Stone
Landscaping Stones      Sands, Gravels, Mulches, and Soils     

Chop Stone

Milsap Chopstone

4 X 4 Multiblend Chop Stone

Painted Desert Chop Stone

Buckskin Chop Stone

Cream Austin Stone

Sawn cut Nicotine

Antique Lueders

White Austin Stone

4 X 4 Dark Sunset Chop

Imperiail Blend Lueders

Sante Fe Gold

Apache Chop Stone

Dark Sunset Chop Stone

Colorado Strip Rock


2" Light Sunset Flagstone


2" Dark Sunset Flagstone

1" Oklahoma Flagstone

2" Walnut Flagstone

2" Dark Oklahoma Flagstone

1 1/2" Oklahoma Flagstone

2" Dark Sunset Flagstone

1" Oklahoma Slabs

1" Silvermist Slabs

Mossy Flagstone

1" Colorado Flagstone

2" Square cut Flagstone

2" Oklahome Flagstone

1" Silvermist Flagstone

Building Stone

Blue/Gray Silvermist Builders

3" to 5" Dark Sunset Builders

3" to 5" Oklahoma Builders

Silvermist Builders "Mixed Blue/Brown"

White Austin Flaging

3" to 5" Mossy Field Stone

Glacier Boulders

Brown Brick Rock

Blue Brick Rock

Landscaping Stones

1 man Mossy Boulders

Basketball Mossy Boulders

Round Creek Cobble

Mini Mossy Boulders

3" to 6" Colorado River Rock

2" Colorado River Rock

Mossy Boulders

Mossy Boulder

Mossy Boulders

1" to 3" Cobble Flats

Large Creek Cobble

Creek Cobble Flats

3" to 5" Rocky Mountain Flats


1" Deco Granite

Sands, Gravels, Mulches, and Soils

Decomposed Granite

Decomposed Granite

Masonary Sand

1 1/2 Native River Rock

1 1/2 Native River Rock

Washed Red Chips

Washed Red Chips

3/8" Native Pea Gravel

3/8" Native Pea Gravel

3/8" Granite Gravel

3/8" Granite Gravel

1" Deco Granite

Granite Sand



Pro Bedding Mix

C&L Natural Stone has been in existence since 1994, and is one of the largest natural stone companies in the southern Oklahoma and north Texas area. C&L Natural Stone is a domestic owned natural stone company which operates three (3) quarries. This allows us to offer you a better price on natural stone products than our competitors.

C&L Natural Stone is operated locally in Sherman, TX and is located at 5208 Texoma parkway.

C&L Natural Stone has a team of sales executives that are poised to meet with existing, new, and potential customers at the customer's convenience. We also have a manned retail sales location in which customers can come by to see the products in person and discuss the possibilities with our knowledgeable sales staff. We also have sample panels and a large selection of pictures to show the unlimited possibilities of natural stone uses.

As an additional benefit, C&L Natural Stone has a designer on hand to give our customers the option to see their home, floor, landscaping, or business with different scenarios of natural stone products.

For people with unique vision, whether they are an architect, designer, pool builder, or homeowner, C&L Natural Stone also offers Custom Stone Carvings. Please feel free to ask one of sales staff, or contact Scott for more details.

Call us today about our specials!  $200 a crate on round creek stone with sizes from 1/2 inch to 3 inches.