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Q:  What are Builders?
A:  Irregularly shaped stones. Most are 3"-6" thick and used for walls.

Q:  What does Chop mean?
A:  Chop means a stone that has been chopped into brick shaped pieces usually 3"-6" high and wide, with lengths from 6"-18". These are normally used for fireplaces, walls, and borders.

Q:  What is Coping?
A:  Stone slabs usually 1"-2 1/2" thick, cut into widths about 12", and various lengths. These stones usually have two flat sides and can be easily stacked with or without mortar, similar to Drystack. Popular usage in retaining walls.

Q:  What is Decorative Veneer?
A:  A Veneer is a thin layer on the outside to give the appearance of stone construction. Veneer's are used mostly around fireplaces and other inside areas.

Q:  What is Drystack?
A:  Stone usually 3"-6" thick and 6"-8" wide, with various lengths. Similar to Coping in having two flat sides and can be stacked with or without mortar. These are very popular for retaining walls.

Q:  What is Flagstone?
A:  Stone cut in irregular shapes and sizes. This type of stone is primarily used for patios, walkways, pool areas, and flooring.

Q:  What is Ledgestone?
A:  Stone that will be 2"-8" high and about 4" wide with two flat side for easy stacking. Ledgestone is commonly used for walls, fireplaces, and borders.

Q:  How much stone do I need?
A:  Depending on the type of stone you desire, natural stone covers an area of 15-100 square feet. It is best to have an idea of the area you want to cover, and discuss the possibilities with one of our qualified sales executives.

Q:  How is stone sold?
A:  Depending on the amount of stone needed, it is sold by weight.  Generally, retail sales are by the pound and wholesale sales are by the ton.

Q:  What is the coverage of Flagstone?
A:  Flagstone covers in the area of 100 square feet per ton depending on the thickness.

Q:  How much does a pallet of stone weigh?
A:  Most pallets way between 1.5 and 2 tons (3000 to 4000 pounds) depending on the type and thickness of the stone.

Q:  What are River Rocks?
A:  River Rocks are natural stones rolled smooth in river beds.

Q:  What are Skimmers?
A:  Skimmers are River Rock that are an average of 2 1/2" in height and from 3 1/2" to 8" in length.

C&L Natural Stone has been in existence since 1994, and is one of the largest natural stone companies in the southern Oklahoma and north Texas area. C&L Natural Stone is a domestic owned natural stone company which operates three (3) quarries. This allows us to offer you a better price on natural stone products than our competitors.

C&L Natural Stone is operated locally in Sherman, TX and is located at 5208 Texoma parkway.

C&L Natural Stone has a team of sales executives that are poised to meet with existing, new, and potential customers at the customer's convenience. We also have a manned retail sales location in which customers can come by to see the products in person and discuss the possibilities with our knowledgeable sales staff. We also have sample panels and a large selection of pictures to show the unlimited possibilities of natural stone uses.

As an additional benefit, C&L Natural Stone has a designer on hand to give our customers the option to see their home, floor, landscaping, or business with different scenarios of natural stone products.

For people with unique vision, whether they are an architect, designer, pool builder, or homeowner, C&L Natural Stone also offers Custom Stone Carvings. Please feel free to ask one of sales staff, or contact Scott for more details.

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